Gear Talk #1

I've had a few people ask me questions recently about what gear I use, what do I take to shows etc, so thought it was time I did a quick Bank Holiday post about my go-to-gear for show coverage.

So here it is, my primary camera is a Canon 5D Mk1. That's right, a Mark 1... I use a ten year old camera for pretty much every image you'll see on this website. The camera has no live view, no video mode, a limited amount of focus points and it only shoots 12.8 Megapixels.

And this is why. When I was looking to make the leap to full frame I couldn't afford one of the newest, latest models. They were all over-priced and wouldn't really give me that much more for my money compared to what I already had, but when I was shooting on a crop sensor, I couldn't help but feel I was missing something. So I searched around and I stumbled upon this video from James Windsor, a fantastic Photographer and Graphic Designer.

James' review on this camera sold me straight away, seeing the kind of quality it was able to produce for a much more wallet friendly cost just made sense to me, so I found one on eBay and it's been my main camera since.

Next up, let's talk glass. The fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what you shoot with (within reason), it all comes down to the lens you use, so put some money aside and if you can afford to, get yourself something fancy, if you can't, find an alternative. Do some research into the kind of images you want to achieve and find out how some of your favourite shots were taken. My 50mm f1.4 goes everywhere with me, without fail, it's a basic choice but it's also responsible for 75% of my images, I just love how it frames each shot, it's depth of field and the natural colours and skin tones you get through the 5D, if you can't afford the f1.4, get the f1.8, like right now, I'm not even joking, here's the link.

My second go-to lens is my Sigma 24-70mm f2.8, this is the beast, the one that people move out of the way for which is always useful. It also make things easier for switching between wide shots and close ups and when you're at a show, that's crucial. Here's a link to that one too.

I've attached a few examples above but overall I hope this helps people out. If you have questions or want to see more of my work, either check out my website (you're on it) or head to my Instagram and leave me a like or a follow