Rollhard : The Belgian Chapter 5.0

I just posted my full album from Rollhard Belgium on on my facebook page, here's a very small selection of my favourites.

I want to thank Jack for offering me his passenger seat when I know he wanted to take his missus, Rollhard for putting on such a good show, Slediw for the opportunity to shoot on their behalf and Scott for bailing me out when the bars didnt take mastercard!

Jack's Fiesta

We're well and truly into 2017's show season now and so far it's been great. I'v got some amazing shows lined up along with a couple of surprises to really take it up a notch. All of my coverage has been going up via my facebook page, you can check that out here.

The other night I went out with Jay from LayLow (supplier of awesome clothing) to help with a video shoot on Jack's car. We used a cheeky little location we've had saved for a while now and I shot a few stills along side hindering Jay. Here's some highlights.

If you want to follow my travels then be sure to head to my instagram page, hit follow and check out my stories. There's so much more lined up for this year and I can't wait to share it all!


I was approached by SleekLens a few weeks a go when they asked if I would be interested in trying out one of their products in return for an honest review. I've never been asked to do that before so admittedly I was excited, but before I accepted I did some research.

Sleeklens offer a lot of tools, all aimed at Photographers using Lightroom and Photoshop. When you first hit their site you'll notice most of the images they use target portrait photographers, weddings, babies etc. From what I could see there were no examples of cars, but that's ok. The second thing you'll notice is the price, on average you're looking at spending about £40 for a pack of presets. That's not bad, but if you're not getting payed for your work then you may have to think about it. If you're on the fence at that point there is a free set to give you a taste of the results you should expect.

Anyway, on with the review. The workflow I received was "Through the Woods", a selection of presets for use with landscape photography. Ordinarily I would have tried these out on some recent car shots, but instead I chose some from our trip to the Forest of Dean. The pack came with all the necessary files and a little guide on how to install them. Once you get them into Lightroom you can see you get 12 different presets which I thought was quite a generous amount. Along with that you get a whole bunch of tools to help adjust those presets, things to brighten, darken, sharpen, boost colours etc. Now if you're new to Lightroom then I can see how this would be a massive benefit to you, but for those who know their way around, this may just be more convenient than tweaking the sliders around to get the look you're after. 

I found that most of the presets made my photos look a little over the top for what I like, however they are fully adjustable. I started with the one called "Warm Shadows", it fitted best with the woodland shots which already had quite an autumnal feel. Then I used the additional tools to help it get to a final image I was happy with. I found that using the "Auto Tone" helped to knock back some of the extreme saturation and help the image look a little more natural. I like my edits to be subtle, nothing too fancy but not so much that it looks like it just came straight from the camera, something that can definitely be achieved with this workflow, but I can't help but feel that I wouldn't be using them to their full potential. 

Overall I was impressed with the results, l wasn't really sure what to expect or if the built in styles would be for me or not, but I'm happy with how they turned out. I would recommend checking these out if you're new to photography and trying to define your style, maybe you're looking into workflows and how they can help your efficiency or you use them already and just want to try something different. Either way, head to the Sleeklens site and have a look for yourself.

Peterborough Modified - The Movement

Last Friday night, Morrisons played host to one of the largest underground meets in recent months. People attended from all over to show off their projects and it didn't disappoint. Hosted by Peterborough Modified the event brought all manner of vehicles to the car park, from classic BMW's to raceworthy Supra's. Have a look below for a select few of my best shots, all taken on the 50mm f1.4 to help with the low light. The full album is on my Facebook page here.

Edition 38 2016

A few highlights from my trip to Edition 38 this year. Unfortunately Saturday was nothing but miserable weather, it didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirit too much, but my camera time was limited. So these are my favourites, you can see the full set here -

Gear Talk #1

I've had a few people ask me questions recently about what gear I use, what do I take to shows etc, so thought it was time I did a quick Bank Holiday post about my go-to-gear for show coverage.

So here it is, my primary camera is a Canon 5D Mk1. That's right, a Mark 1... I use a ten year old camera for pretty much every image you'll see on this website. The camera has no live view, no video mode, a limited amount of focus points and it only shoots 12.8 Megapixels.

And this is why. When I was looking to make the leap to full frame I couldn't afford one of the newest, latest models. They were all over-priced and wouldn't really give me that much more for my money compared to what I already had, but when I was shooting on a crop sensor, I couldn't help but feel I was missing something. So I searched around and I stumbled upon this video from James Windsor, a fantastic Photographer and Graphic Designer.

James' review on this camera sold me straight away, seeing the kind of quality it was able to produce for a much more wallet friendly cost just made sense to me, so I found one on eBay and it's been my main camera since.

Next up, let's talk glass. The fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what you shoot with (within reason), it all comes down to the lens you use, so put some money aside and if you can afford to, get yourself something fancy, if you can't, find an alternative. Do some research into the kind of images you want to achieve and find out how some of your favourite shots were taken. My 50mm f1.4 goes everywhere with me, without fail, it's a basic choice but it's also responsible for 75% of my images, I just love how it frames each shot, it's depth of field and the natural colours and skin tones you get through the 5D, if you can't afford the f1.4, get the f1.8, like right now, I'm not even joking, here's the link.

My second go-to lens is my Sigma 24-70mm f2.8, this is the beast, the one that people move out of the way for which is always useful. It also make things easier for switching between wide shots and close ups and when you're at a show, that's crucial. Here's a link to that one too.

I've attached a few examples above but overall I hope this helps people out. If you have questions or want to see more of my work, either check out my website (you're on it) or head to my Instagram and leave me a like or a follow

Modified Nationals 2016

Although ModNats was back in May, I held off posting a load of my photos because I wanted to make this video first. And finally, a couple of months later, it's here. 

It features a few of the Collide Car Club guys along with a some others. A massive thank you to Ben for the use of his amazing RED EPIC, it's these shots that make the video, without a doubt. Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and spread the word, please enjoy the video.

Players Classic '16

Another weekend another car show, this time; Players Classic. This was the first time I've been to a Players event as my first time at Goodwood, I loved it. The venue is just incredible, from the lawns and the paddocks, housing a multitude of cars, to the noises coming from the surrounding circuit and the vintage planes taking off. There was a lot going on, but at the same time it all just felt so relaxed, so organised and so classy.

I went to shoot coverage for my friends at Krooked, arriving in time for the gates to open and spending a few hours walking around the whole show spotting cars, wheels and as many details as I could. Joining me was Charlie from Broke Boys, my Canon 5D was the weapon of choice and the trusty 50mm f1.4 stuck on it all day. I attached my ND filter which gave me the upper hand when the sun came out, allowing me to keep shooting at f1.4 without having to shoot at a lightning fast shutter speed. I got a mix of static and tracking shots, something I'm not as experienced in, but I'm pleased with the results and I would go as far as saying that this was my favourite show of the year so far. The coverage has gone down a treat, see below a few select favourites and be sure to head over to the Krooked Instagram page for more updates.

Summer Vibes

A couple of shots from a chilled out picnic on Stamford Meadows featuring Camden Hells Lager and a superb looking Ford F100 pickup. All shot on my Canon 5D Mk1 (still going strong) and the niftyfifty f1.4

Brighton Tattoo Convention 2016

Last weekend my girlfriend and I took our first trip down to Brighton for the Tattoo Convention.

Alongside the convention we also spent some time looking around Brighton and taking in all it had to offer. I made a small video which you can watch below, along with a few photographs you can see in the gallery that follows.

There was a car show on in the entrance hall of the convention, showing off some classic American cars in full custom style with no expense spared. I also spotted a Lamborghini Aventador and threw that in at the end for good measure. Video shot on my Canon 550D with the Sigma 24-70mm f2.8, photos shot on my Canon 5D Mk1 with the 50mm f1.4.

Shoutout to Liz at AirBNB for putting us up in her awesome flat for the night, we'll be back for sure.

Early Edition 2016

This was my first time attending Early Edition and I wasn't disappointed. After Ultimate Dubs kicked off the show season, this was a great follow up and I'm now even more amped up for this year's Edition 38.

There were some great cars on show, here are just a few of my favourites.
Grab a brew, there's a few of them.

All shot on my Canon 5D Mk1 with the 50mm F1.4 with ND filter.